Understand Interview Reflections

For this activity, I selected the Coursera course, Virtual Teacher Specialization.  This course contains five modules regarding best practices for online instruction, student engagement, and virtual community building.

I shared the following story with my colleague Jessica and here is how that story went.

So I hear you’re interested in learning more about virtual teaching and how you can better support future teachers that might be asked to facilitate these types of learning environments. There is an interesting course online at Coursera, that contains five modules on that topic.  But before you decide if this is the right course for your program, let’s look at the learning environment.  I have replicated that learning environment in a model to help better visualize the course.  

This model represents module 2, week 1 of the course and the topic is The Role of Technology in the Virtual Education.


As you can see from the model, the environment is information driven (the blue block) and has a “check for understanding” quiz at the end of the week.  If you are looking for a model that would better support engagement and interaction, this wouldn’t be the type of model we would want to see in our design. It would be important to see other types of building blocks like dialog and feedback during the learning process.  These types of engagements allow for a deeper level of ownership and learning in the course.

feedback dialogue

Ultimately, my colleague agreed that the content of the course, though interesting, wasn’t designed in a way that would be best for her teachers.  The visual representation of what the course would look like was very helpful in the process of understanding.