Creating Diagnostic Models with the Understand Guide

A few weeks ago I performed a Discovery Datasheet for our department Principal Certification Test (PCT) Workshop.  One of the ideas generated in the Discovery Datasheet feedback session included offering the workshop in a blended learning/hybrid environment. I decided to expand on this feedback and complete an Understand Guide using a diagnostic lens.

As you can see in the previous post, Discover Datasheet Results Report, the PCT workshop is set up in a traditional, “sit and get” workshop, with no personal follow-up after the students had taken the exam.  Based on the feedback from the client/team members, I worked to redesign the workshop to better support the learning needs of the students.

I developed my Understand Guide for the PCT Workshop from workshop attendees interviews, personal participation/observation, and client/team feedback interviews.


Based on information from the Understand Guide, I developed a design of what is currently happening in the workshop (ver. 1.0) and a redesign of the PCT workshop (ver. 1.2) based on the conversations during the Understand phase.

ver 1.0


ver. 1.2