Discover Datasheet Results Report

Discover Datasheet - Post Feedback

Discover Datasheet – Post Feedback

Discover Datasheet - Original

Discover Datasheet – Original

The above documents are artifacts from my discovery phase of the Principal Certification Test (sub-project) workshop.  This project is part of a bigger project, the Major Hub, for the Educational Leadership department. The first document was from my observations during the Saturday workshop and provided to my team for feedback.  The second document is the updated version with their feedback and ideas.  The goal of this program is to redesign the workshop to meet the academic needs of the group, but also to add essential resources to the Hub that can be used in conjunction with the workshop (flipped classroom model).

I learned that we need to look at the data outcomes of the PCT exams over the last few years to see what content needs updating in the workshop.  I also learned that the average age of our students is much younger than previously anticipated and we need to research further how that demographic group (millennials) engages in online content. I also learned that it is important to bring visuals to any meeting whether informal or formal, it helps the client envision what you are trying to communicate.  The discovery datasheet was crucial for me.