Kent Brooks OTA Session: Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: Software for Starving Students

My Notes from Kent Brooks Session:

Disruptive Innovation

What is disruptive innovation?

Newspaper media is finding itself left behind the times and many papers are closing business.
What are the reasons for this?
*Not fast enough
*Not up to date
*Not dynamic

We need to think about true disruptive innovation.

Where do you go when you want to learn?

What is free and what is open source? There is a difference.

Moodle is a great aggregator and a great place to start.

Not all free is open source:
*Google Apps for Education
*Google Video
*You Tube

What is Open Source?
A definition of software that includes freely available access to source code, redistribution, modification and derived works

What is the Cost on Open Source?
There are still the coast of training, support and maintenance.
Free of “Vendor churn” – must upgrade or pay for latest version to gain functionality.

What are the HAZARDS of open source?
No more hazard than a marketed product.

Have you ever purchased a pay product simply to call an unmanned or knowledgeable support system? (help desk)
Often Open Source has a pool of people that have used the product and will serve as an online help desk for that product.

Where and How do I begin?

Unlike some of the other software programs you have, you are free to make copies of these programs, or even the whole disc, and give them away to anyone you like — in fact, we encourage you to share!

Foxit Reader vs. Adobe Acrobat
Open Office on your home computer
Open Content

Open Content
OER Commons
Distance Learning Portal

Keep thinking about “doing it different.”

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Kent’s leadership on FOSS is really exemplary. I’d like to find more ways to share these ideas myself. I think the OER movement is one I need to learn much more about, and share/teach on every chance I can. We should have a K12online preso about OER next year I think!

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