Envision Guide for Visual Conversations

I did a model based on the Envision Guide and I shared it back out with the Story Chasers PD team via email.  I sent the Guide and the LEM as an attachment.  I did a conference call with them both to talk through the information.  This was not the ideal scenario, but both Josh and Kim are very tech savvy and super accommodating.

During our discussion and overview of the model, they made the suggestion to include an introduction box for the lead instructor to kick off the event as well as adding an App Smackdown at the beginning of the workshop.  I think those were both really great suggestions and I made those updates to the LEM.

My reflection questions:

  1. What did you learn from creating design models and using the Envision Guide? I learned how the questioning process works and that the deeper I go in my questioning the more the process begins to take shape.
  2. What surprised you? Not surprised but more of an Ah Ha about the need to be more efficient in my questioning techniques.
  3. What surprised your client? Both of my clients loved the model.  They were thrilled to have something that they both could picture while we talked over the project.  I suggested that the next time I come to one of their offices and we can use Lucid Chart with the Smartboard to talk through and manipulate the model together.  They thought that sounded great.  #handsonlearning