Preliminary Empathy Research

I observed the first Principal Certification Test Workshop of the school year.  I was able to use the Datasheet to document my experience.  I later spoke with several of my team members about the workshop and was provided feedback on a general direction of this sub-project. Since this is a sub-project of our major Hub project, there are many other factors to consider and meetings that include conversations about the bigger perspective. We will be discussing this part more at a later time, but I would say we are off to a great start.

Here is the data sheet from my observation and notes from my multiple meetings.


What did you learn from completing the Discover Datasheet?

  • The Datasheet allowed me to focus my attention on the elements of the workshop and the experience of the students.  It serves as an excellent way to talk to the client about what was observed and removed emotion from the conversation.

What surprised you?

  • I don’t think there was an element of surprise in this process for me, but I do think the conversations with the client(s) went very smoothly, and I look forward to more discussions about design.

What surprised your client?

  • I also don’t believe that the client had any “ah ha’s” but anytime we have brought a visual tool to our team meeting to help “visualize” the conversation or process has been very well received.

We are making the invisible, visible.   #invisible2visible  #showme #seeingisbelieving

Meeting Images:

dr-evans meeting-room meeting-room2