Envision Guide for PD Planning

I work with a group called Story Chasers. This group supports several schools around the state through professional development and consultation.  The team has an upcoming training with a school out in northeast Oklahoma.  I asked if I could help facilitate the planning session of this workshop and use the Envision Guide.

The two individuals on the Google hangout are responsible for facilitating a one-day teacher workshop on the use of iPad integration, that supports reading engagement.  They have been to the school on many occasions, so they were looking to try something “different” for this workshop.

During the Envision Guide process we were able to discuss their desires for the participants (teachers) during this session. They wanted them to have a choice, which is why they decided to do learning stations and let the participates self-select what station they wished to attend.  This would allow the participants to rotation through different learning stations throughout the day, and the workshop would conclude with a showcase event where teachers should share/demonstrate what they learned.

I learned that often you have to ask the same question only in a different way to solicit an answer that can help foster the creation of a design.

Updated LEM: