Drew’s Second Book Review V-Cast

Well I first need to give a big thanks to my buddy Wes Fryer.  Thanks Wes!  I appreciate the shout out you gave my little man Drew on his first published video podcast.  Drew has 14 comments on his post and let me tell you, he is one proud little man.  I’m thrill and honored by the folks that stopped in to review and leave very positive comments.  Drew was so motivated that he suggested we get another book review posted as soon as possible.  He didn’t want to disappoint his public.  diaryofawimpy


Tonights review covers the book The Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney.   Drew review’s all the first three books in the Wimpy kid series.  He also gives his thoughts on the Do It Yourself Wimpy Kid Book as only Drew can. 


It’s often random but very practical and TOTAL hilarious.  I tell Drew all the time he is the funniest person I know.  I’m one proud mom. 

Drew’s disclaimer- Drew would like me to post that he would never want to offend anyone in his v-cast presentations or come off as tacky.  (I think he is pretty smart to think he might need a disclaimer on his post.)

4 thoughts on “Drew’s Second Book Review V-Cast

  1. Great job on this second book v-cast, Drew and mom! I’m really interested in this idea of “the cheese touch.” I happen to be a HUGE fan of cheese popcorn and most types of cheese, so that sounds like a very interesting plot twist. Based on your reaction, however, it doesn’t sound like I’d like to hear about “the person who first ate the cheese” in the book.

    I like how you gave a shout-out to one of your commenters during your v-cast. You included lots of great details about the book as well.

    I’m asking my two oldest kids to watch and listen to both your v-casts, and leave some comments for you. They should do this over the weekend.

    Thanks for giving us a head’s up on your next v-cast book topic too! Keep reading!!! 🙂

  2. Great job! I read the first book and now I think I am going to read the rest. Good job on informing me about the book. I can’t wait to here your next one I have heard it is good but it will be interesting to here what you say. A couple of other series I like are Artemis Fowl, there are six books in this series, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the first book is The Lightning Thief and there are four books in this series. I enjoyed these book and I think you will to.

  3. Drew would love to hear back from you when you read one of the Wimpy Kid books. He thinks those are great and can’t wait for your reaction and your future comments on his v-casts.

  4. Thanks Alex we are looking into the books you have recommended. We saw The Lightening Thief at the book store and think we should go pick that one up.

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