Drew’s First Book Review V-Cast

This video is Drew’s review of the book series Captain Underpants, among other fascinating facts about everything under the sun.  We will work on his technique but I think it’s brilliant for a first attempt. 

24 thoughts on “Drew’s First Book Review V-Cast

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  2. Pingback: Reviewing Captain Underpants and other favorite books on Ustream » Moving at the Speed of Creativity

  3. Drew: Great job sharing this book review on Ustream! I liked the conversational tone you had during your video review. I’m going to share this with my kids. Since Dave Pilkey is your favorite author, you probably already know about his website, but just in case here is the link:


  4. Drew~I loved your book review! My son also enjoys Dav Pilkey’s books, his favorites are from The Dumb Bunnies Collection. I look forward to your next book review.

  5. Nice job Drew! It is nice to hear you talk about the books, especially the Stein series. Keep up the reading and the reviews.

  6. Captain Underpants was a favorite of my son. We all love books that have, in your words, “good stuff”. We just know that that is when we read it, don’t we. Keep reading and sharing!

    Here’s a joke for you:
    What do you call cheese that is not yours?

    Notcho’ Cheese!

  7. Good job Drew! It’s nice to see that you enjoy reading. Never stop! I’m looking forward to your next review.

  8. Drew … what a great job. I’m an elementary school librarian and will definitely be sharing your book review podcast with my students. I love that you are excited to talk about books!

  9. Drew,

    Great job on your video podcast! I think more kids your age should do this as well. Goosebumps are some of my brother’s favorite books as well. Keep on reading!

  10. Nice job, Drew!

    I enjoyed the review and especially your “Come back!” close-up at the end–it was a nice cinematic touch. Peace out to you and your crazy, tech-savvy mom.

    I’ll be looking for that “Goosebumps” review soon….

  11. Drew—I loved your review of the Cap’n Underpants. I play to show it to my class!
    I am a school librarian and often must defend having Cap’n Underpants in my library.
    I am so glad you are reading!
    Peace out!

  12. Drew,

    Thank you for sharing your review of Cap’n Underpants. It is obvious that you love reading, and that’s a very good thing. I look forward to your next episode.

  13. Thanks to everyone that posted on my little man Drew’s book review v-cast. He was thrilled and honored by the reviews. He is very motivated to do the next several installments of his book reviews. Thanks for all then encouragement. We just posted review number 2.

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  15. I loved your video. I’ve never read any of the Captain Underpants books. They sound pretty good. Do you have a favorite Captain Underpants book?

  16. Nice V-Cast! it is cool to see another person who likes to talk about their favorite books.
    We will rule the world.

  17. Drew wanted me to let you know that his favorite Captain Underpants book is number 2 in the series titled, “Captian Underpants and the attack of the talking toliets.” Thanks for asking Sarah. Drew is thrilled by your feedback.

  18. Thanks for the comment Alex. Drew is so happy you visited our site and checked out his review. Let us know if you find something online that we would find interesting. Keep posting and keep reading…yes…we will rule the world.

  19. Drew can’t wait to review one of the Goosebumps series just for you. He really has owned that cinematic touch since your comment. We love the signature sign off. Come back…Peace Out.

  20. Thanks Steve for the joke, we love repeating that to all our friends. You have helped make us a huge hit at school. If there is anything Drew loves more than books…it’s telling jokes.

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