Facilitating the Discover Step – Lessons Learned


I used the discover datasheet on our sub-project, Principal Certification Test (PCT) workshop.  As our team looks at ways to engage students with the Hub, I believe that building activities and workshops around the environment will help draw students to the site.  The PCT workshop (sub-project) is an excellent way to do just that.

The datasheet allowed me to collect my observations of the environment and later reflect on how this could be connected to the Hub. My team worked with members of CeCE to discover the average age of students in our program, which is twenty-seven years of age. We took that information and results of PCT historical data to see how our students were performing and what elements of the workshop could help address those weak areas.  I use the datasheet information and informally reviewed this information, on three different occasions with different team members, to seek their feedback and input on how this workshop could be modified to connect to the Hub.  The challenge with any project is helping people see a vision for what you have in mind and the possible outcomes of the project, without overwhelming them in the process.

My biggest takeaway from this process is the value of spending time in the Discovery step of the project.  I believe it helps me be better prepared and provides me with a solid understand of environment before beginning the design process.

CC Image courtesy of Richard Fahey on Flickr