Empathy Research with Discover Datasheets

I observed Educational Assessments this week to complete my Discover Datasheet assignment.  In this learning environment, the students interacted with each other at tables in the classroom.  The teacher regrouped them for the activity, pairing them with a student working on an assignment that addressed the same content area.

Their assignment for the day was to peer review the lesson plan of their paired partner. This lesson plan is one of their portfolio artifacts for the semester and they have been working on the assignment since the beginning of the semester.

The instructor started out with clear guidelines and protocols as to how they should function in their group.  She reminded them to reference the rubric for the assignment when providing constructive feedback.  During the class period, she circled the room and interjected her feedback too.

discover_v05_ed-assessWhat did I learn from this experience?  I learned that there is much more to consider when designing and activity as simple as peer review and feedback.  The instruction for the activity is extremely important to provide clarity for the task.

How do you think experiences like this help build empathy and enhance the learning environments we design?  I think this activity was very helpful because I found myself thinking about the learner.  As an outside observer and not the instructor, I was able to think more creatively about what students might need to be more successful in a learning activity.  I think this help put me in the chair of the student, relating more to the experience than the activity.