Design Pattern Swap

I selected the course Legal Aspects of School Administration for this activity because it isn’t one of the previous learning environments I have worked on this semester.  I am scheduled to redesign this course in the spring, so I thought it would be interesting to do the Understand Guide based on the information I had available.

This course is a face-to-face learning environment, with a few online opportunities, and one experiential activity built into the course.

Understand Guide


I discovered three learning patterns in the Understand process.

  • Field Experience & Reflection: In this pattern, students participate in a 10-hour field experience completed over several days during the semester.  During this field experience, they write down observations, interactions, and conversations from their experience and share those with their peers during class.  The instructor provides relevant information and resources to deepen their understanding of their experience.  Students then post a blog/journal summary of their most recent field experience and share it with the instructor for feedback.  This process is repeated weekly until the final week when the student compiles and summarizes the entire experience and submits the final in the D2L Dropbox.
  • Information Analysis -Court Case: In this pattern, students review different court cases that have impacted school law and legislation. They read a court case and then come to class ready to discuss.  They then apply the IRAC method, which is Issue (what is the issue), Rule (what was the outcome of this case), Application (how has this affected education law and legislation), and Conclusion (what policies, procedures, and professional development can be implemented to prevent this type of lawsuit case in your school).
  • Class Presentations: Student read a relevant peer reviewed article on school law, practices, and/or legislative changes in schools. They then prepare a short presentation over their article and send to the instructor for feedback.  After any necessary revisions, the student will then present their findings to the class.

Field Experience LEM Pattern


Information Analysis – Court Casepattern-information-analysis-pattern-information-analysisClass Presentations