CLEA: Envision

Our activity today was to work with a colleague or friend to design a one-hour leadership seminar using the Envision Guide.  I worked with a school superintendent interested in having a one-hour seminar for all their school principals and central office personnel on “Creating and using logic models for program evaluation.”

After using the Envision Guide with the responses from that interview, I created a Learning Environment Design Model using Lucidchart to visual represent the information from the guide.

Here is my LEM and the Envision Guide:

Reflection Questions:

What new insights do you have about the learning environment after using the Envision Guide?  I found the guide very helpful when discussing the different option of a learning environment.  At first, my client was thinking of a traditional workshop where everyone comes to get the information and demonstrate their knowledge.  Because there were many types of “environments” listed on the Envision Guide, this allowed me an opportunity to talk about how those would differ, and what the learning could expect.

What did you learn from the experience?  I learned that the word Envision can be powerful when working with the client.  My client felt that we were “dreaming” about what this learning experience could look like and talk through the possibilities, instead of just “planning” a leadership workshop.  I think Envision Guide helps foster that mindset.

How do you think this step helped enhance focus and clarity for the design? The questions in the guide itself helped bring about clarity and focus to the purpose of the meeting.  When I felt like we might be trailing off topic, I found the document to be very beneficial in bringing the conversation back on topic.

Here is my Screen’OMatic artifact: