Kent Brooks OTA Session: Unplugging from the Commercial Software Grid: Software for Starving Students

My Notes from Kent Brooks Session:

Disruptive Innovation

What is disruptive innovation?

Newspaper media is finding itself left behind the times and many papers are closing business.
What are the reasons for this?
*Not fast enough
*Not up to date
*Not dynamic

We need to think about true disruptive innovation.

Where do you go when you want to learn?

What is free and what is open source? There is a difference.

Moodle is a great aggregator and a great place to start.

Not all free is open source:
*Google Apps for Education
*Google Video
*You Tube

What is Open Source?
A definition of software that includes freely available access to source code, redistribution, modification and derived works

What is the Cost on Open Source?
There are still the coast of training, support and maintenance.
Free of “Vendor churn” – must upgrade or pay for latest version to gain functionality.

What are the HAZARDS of open source?
No more hazard than a marketed product.

Have you ever purchased a pay product simply to call an unmanned or knowledgeable support system? (help desk)
Often Open Source has a pool of people that have used the product and will serve as an online help desk for that product.

Where and How do I begin?

Unlike some of the other software programs you have, you are free to make copies of these programs, or even the whole disc, and give them away to anyone you like — in fact, we encourage you to share!

Foxit Reader vs. Adobe Acrobat
Open Office on your home computer
Open Content

Open Content
OER Commons
Distance Learning Portal

Keep thinking about “doing it different.”

OTA 2009 has come and gone

I’m so trilled I had the opportunity to participate in the 2009 OTA Conference.  I have so many special memories from this experience.  (I’m so lucky)  Here are a few things that stand out to me about the conference from a totally “I’m so blessed” perspective.

1.       I got the opportunity to present.  (SINGing the Praises of NING)

2.       I meet Will Richardson. (very cool)

3.       Will pushed the audience to think past today. (where will we be tomorrow with technology)

4.       We learned about the girl that paid it forward on behalf of her grandpa.  Her goal was to do good deeds for 25 days, she is still out it over a year later.

5.       We learned about the politician that raised money through the power of the internet. Lesson: don’t look for 52 rich people to give to your cause…get 3000 people to believe in your cause and let them give a little money and a lot of support. 

6.       My college professor came to my session.  We just never grow out of loving the attention of our teachers.

7.       Sandy G. said, “I think we test too much.” (did she really say that, WOW)

8.       I did over 16 fist/explosion handshakes with Eric H. (we have is down to a science)

9.       I listened to Tammy P. remind us, if they can do it…we can do it. (GO Howe!)

10.   I picked up some great tools from Wes Fryer’s session.

11.   Stand, sit, hang from the ceiling was the motto at Wes’ Wednesday session. (that man can draw a crowd.)

Wes Fryer can pack the house.

Wes Fryer can pack the house.


12.   I loved the un-conference session with Joshua, Terry, and Eric.  (we need more chances to network)

13.   I added new friends to follow on twitter.

14.   My new buddy Mandy is so cool.

15.   We used Wes’ video camera to take random pics at lunch.  I’m not sure Jed will be the same.

16.   I loved that Mandy kept calling Jed by another name.

17.   I really love that every time James talks; it is about technology.  That man is brilliant!

18.   I got the chance to share my Chuck E. Cheese was just blown away story.  (It was on Twitter.)

19.   I’m ready for NECC!

20.   I’m thinking I really should be posting a summary about my session, or I could just link back to the speed of creativity.

It was great to see everyone, but I know there were so many more individuals I missed over the past two days.  (sad)  I would like to propose we start doing some real online networking to build some momentum for next year’s event.  Thanks everyone for you support during my session and thanks for allowing me to learn from you.  See you guys at NECC!

David at the Dentist

This video was shared at dinner last night.  Watching this little guy try to recover from his dentist trip was so amusing.  I think we can all relate to the dentist visit where we ended up under the influence of too much happy gas.  This dad had good intentions using his flip camera to record the dental experience so his son could watch it later, but I’m not sure how posting it on YouTube was therapeutic.