Client Discovery Focus Board

I am currently the customer and designer of my course, Tech 4 Admin, but I wanted the experience of interviewing, designing, and sharing a focus board.  I ask the Coordinator of School Partnerships and Clinical Experiences at UCO if she would be interested in being my client for this activity, and she said yes.

My client is currently revising a three-hour seminar on the Oklahoma teacher certification pathway. She has a desire to move away from the “sit and get” workshop, to a model that is more experiential. The following is the focus board we generated during the meeting.

Her feedback regarding the process was wonderful.  She was thrilled to get the opportunity to discuss, think, and align her goals for redesigning this project. She said it helped her articulate what she would like to see in the future seminar and how she might go about getting to that goal.

Getting Focused – First Focus Board

The focus board was a very helpful tool.  It focused my thoughts on what skills and knowledge my students would need to complete the evidence for the course successfully.

Moving forward with the design of Technology for School Administrators, I think this tool will help me be more intentional about the learning environment activities and how they support the outcome.