Dusting off the Ole’ WordPress

For those who have wondered what has happened to me in the past few months…well…years, I have been on a little hiatus from my blog.  Life has taken many turns and offered many great opportunities making it hard to find the time to post, but it’s time to dust off the ole’ WordPress and start reflecting again. Welcome! I hope you find my words kind, but critical of my learning and practices, I want to grow this year more than I ever have.

Great Day for Food and Twitter Friends

I had the opportunity today to go to lunch at Iguana Mexican Grill with two of my friends.  I was shocked that I had never eaten there because I’m a pretty big foodie in the great land of OKC.  One year my friends and I decided we would see how long we could go without eating at a food chain for lunch and we got really great at finding the best kept secrets in Oklahoma City.  The food at Iguana was amazing.  I would recommend it to anyone. 

The mango salsa was HOT and I mean like awesomely HOT.  🙂

HOT Mango Salsa

HOT Mango Salsa

My buddy got the layered dip.  Don’t they points for serving it in a container shaped like the state of Oklahoma?

Layered Dip

Layered Dip

As we rolled into the parking lot I decided to Tweet out my lunch location and what should I expect but these two bright and shining faces.  HAHA…nothing like twitter friends.   

 I love those two!twitterbuds

 ittoksde and laurasuebux

The lunch run wouldn’t have been complete without a coffee run on the way back to the office.  We stopped by Coffee Slingers…best cup of cappuccino– EVER!  I’m in a position to say that.  I think I bleed espresso.  coffee2coffee1