Identifying a Learning Environment to Apply LEDx

Sherry and I are working on a project currently named “The Major Hub.”  Our goal of this project it to provide an online environment for our educational leadership students to “connect,” with us, each other, and program resources.  We hope this Hub will help build a sense of community among all the different cohorts.

The Hub will contain three main areas:  Degree, Profession, and Career.  In the Profession section of this Hub, we hope to offer blended learning workshop for the Principal Certification Prep Workshop.  We selected this sub-project (the workshop) as a way to draw interest to the Hub, by providing useful information that would help students pass their exams.

Our client for this project is the educational leadership program team, and they are the original creators of the workshop (learning environment).  The LEMx has allowed us to perform empathy research regarding the designer’s intention, the instructor’s presentation, and the student’s learning experience.  We have a much better understanding of this project, and I think we will be much more prepared to help do a redesign.